The Two Tanyas – workshop and reading at New Dramatists

My script for one actress, The Two Tanyas, will be workshopped at New Dramatists next week as part of their Creativity Fund workshop. There will be a reading of the piece on the 27th at 3pm. This is a play I’ve been working on for a while.  It was formerly entitled “The Dowager”. Recently, I’ve been collaborating with the actress Florencia Lozano, and the director Erik Pearson. We worked on the piece for a couple of days at New Dramatists last spring, and then spent a week over the summer continuing our explorations. This has been a tricky play for me – it’s a fragmented piece with a challenging structure, taking its original inspiration from the first scene of Botho Strauss’ strange and amazing play Big and Little. I’ve enjoyed working on it, and revising it, particularly after the This is My Office production, which taught me a lot about the nature of one person shows, and the relationship of the actor to the audience. Details on the reading are here.


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